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PCC Hightlighted in the Inquirer

Many thanks to Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Samantha Melamed and photographer Clem Murray for highlighting PCC’s work in their coverage of this year’s May Day picnic!


“[PCC’s] support has been instrumental for DHS Give Us Back Our Children, a self-help and advocacy group run out of the Crossroads Women’s Center in Germantown. Eric Gjertsen , a volunteer there, heard about the childcare collective when it was first forming, and invited them to watch the kids during the group’s monthly meetings.

“We jumped on it. There was such a desperate need for mothers who wanted to be part of a meeting but couldn’t without childcare, so it’s been a lifesaver,” he said. “We couldn’t have existed without them.”

The collective also cares for kids during the bimonthly meetings of the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, a faith-based immigrant justice nonprofit.

“It’s a really big impact for us,” said Blanca Pacheco, a New Sanctuary organizer. “People don’t have the money to pay someone to take care of the children while they attend the meeting. And the other option is to have the children there in the meeting, which can be really distracting.”“

Full article here:

Contact Form Down

Hey all,

It was brought to our attention as of 10/5/15 that our contact form has not been working for a couple months. People were filling it out but we were not receiving their messages. We apologize if you’ve tried to get in touch with us and not heard back. Please e-mail us directly at if you need to get in touch.
Our amazing web designer and collective member Paul is working on getting it back up soon!

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Coloring for Liberation!

In recent weeks PCC has been providing childcare at local Town Hall meetings to address police brutality and police murders of Black youth.  Most of the children we have been hanging out with are toddlers and elementary school-age kids who like to color. To engage them in the legacy of organizing for Black liberation that their parents are partaking in, we have been bringing coloring book pages related to the Civil Rights Movement and the U.S. abolitionist movement. We are sharing PDFs of them for anyone else looking for resources like these, check it out by clicking here!

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