Philly Childcare Collective was established in Spring 2008 by a group of revolutionaries with a dream: to provide free childcare to local grassroots organizers working for social change. We strive to be allies to working people’s families and movements.

Our structure: PCC has a core of coordinators: Jesse and Robin, who communicate with groups that request childcare, meet and train new volunteers, coordinate toy pick-ups, and generally make sure PCC is running smoothly, plus doing the fun work of actual childcare. In addition to this core, we have 20-30 volunteers who enthusiastically provide care and fun for kids at events and meetings.

Our mission and work: We strive to engage kids in activities, games and discussions that are not only fun and safe, but also broaden their understandings of the world, and catalyze them to think about justice and equality.

We are part of a network of radical childcare collectives around the country called the Intergalactic Conspiracy of Childcare Collectives (ICCC). We first met up and formed the ICCC at the 2010 U.S. Social Forum in Detroit. For 3 years afterward we met annually at the Allied Media Conference also held in Detroit. Every year since 2011 we have planned and executed the AMC’s Kids Track. Our gatherings at the AMC were incredible and we got to share lots of experiences and strategies with other childcare collectives, as well as get hands-on practice doing political activities with kids. We take back what we learn at the AMC to our local PCC work here in Philly.