We provide childcare for groups in the Philly area who are lead by mothers and families who are of color and/or low income, organizing for economic and racial justice in their communities. Some groups we work with regularly, providing support at weekly or bi-weekly meetings. Other times, we may provide childcare at a one-time event or annual event.

Some groups we work with regularly include:

DHS: Give Us Back Our Children

DHS: Give Us Back Our Children-logo

DHS-Give Us Back Our Children is a self-help multi-racial action and support group of mothers, grandmothers, other family members, former social workers, foster parents & supporters working together against unjust removal of children from their families by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services. Children are often snatched not because of abuse and neglect but because of poverty, racism & sexism. Children of color are more likely to be taken, stay in protective custody longer and never to return to their parents. They have a sister organization, DCFS-Give Us Back Our Children in Los Angeles and are part of a national movement.

Philadelphia FIGHT

Philadelphia FIGHT-logo

Philadelphia FIGHT (FIGHT) is a comprehensive AIDS service organization providing primary care, consumer education, advocacy and research on potential treatments and potential vaccines. FIGHT was formed as a partnership of individuals living with HIV/AIDS and clinicians who joined together to improve the lives of people living with the disease. FIGHT offers a variety of resources to do so.

Philly Collaborative for Reproductive Justice and Support (PCRJS)

The Philly Collaborative for Reproductive Justice & Support (PCRJS) consists of compassionate, social justice-minded folks who are interested in providing support to people across the full spectrum of pregnancy and advocating for reproductive justice in its many forms.

Philly Coalition for R.E.A.L. Justice

Philly Coalition for R.E.A.L. Justice-logo

Philly Coalition for R.E.A.L. Justice (REAL = Racial, Economic And Legal) is a group of #BlackLivesMatter activists organizing to address police brutality and related issues in Philadelphia.

Positive Women's Network

Positive Women's Network-logo

PWN-USA-Philadelphia is proud to be on board and is seriously committed to upholding the mission of PWN-USA. We rededicate ourselves to the lifelong struggle of creating lasting changes to improve the lives of all women living with HIV. PWN-USA envisions a world where women living with HIV (WLWH) can live long, healthy, dignified and productive lives, free from stigma and discrimination. Our mission is to prepare and involve all women living with HIV, in all our diversity, including gender identity and sexual expression, in all levels of policy and decision-making.

Put People First

Put People First-logo

Put People First! PA gives voice to everyday people who are struggling to meet our basic needs. We define our basic needs as things we need to live healthy and fulfilling lives – things like education, housing, health care, jobs at living wages, food, and a healthy environment. We’re a membership organization made up mostly of people who know from our life experience that poor and working people need to unite and have a voice.

Groups we have worked with in the past/less frequently include:

Action United

Action United-logo

Action United is a membership organization of low and moderate income Pennsylvanians working to build power through organizing communities to win changes on the issues that are important to them.

Bread & Roses Community Fund

Bread & Roses Community Fund-logo

Bread & Roses is a unique gathering of activists committed to supporting social justice by raising and distributing funds. A public foundation, Bread & Roses has distributed over $9 million to groups working for access to health care; economic justice; a clean, safe environment; civil and human rights; peace; and other social justice issues. In addition, Bread & Roses provides services, like technical assistance and leadership development, to grantees and donors.

Leeway Foundation

Leeway Foundation-logo

The Leeway Foundation is committed to art making as an integral part of social change, to movement building, and anti-oppression work where Leeway is accountable, accessible, part of and governed by, the communities Leeway's programs support. Leeway is guided by the values of fearlessness in action, speech, and self-examination and commits to breaking down boundaries and barriers with creativity, respect, and openness to the process.

Media Mobilizing Project

Media Mobilizing Project-logo

The Media Mobilizing Project (MMP) exists to build the media and communications infrastructure for a movement to end poverty, led by poor and working people, united across color lines.

Philly Stands Up

Philly Stands Up-logo

Philly Stands Up! is a small collective living and working in Philadelphia. They work with people who perpetrate sexual assault by leading them through processes which aim to hold them accountable for their actions and meaningfully change their behavior. Philly Stands Up is community-focused and survivor-led. They embrace harm reduction, transformative justice and anti-oppression frameworks as a means to strengthen and transform our communities and Movements into self-reliant, safe and dynamic spaces.


EXIT-US Inc-logo

EXIT-US is a community capacity building organization that values and invests in the lives of returning citizens residing in Philadelphia who are in transition from the criminal justice system. Their mission is to provide mentoring, family support groups, career/college preparation and interactive informational workshops that empower neighbors to recognize their potential to achieve greatness in their homes and community.



JUNTOS is a non-profit organization comprised of Mexican and other Latino immigrants in Philadelphia. Their mission is to build power for justice in the city of Philadelphia and members’ home countries in order to create vibrant, organized, vocal, and healthy communities. JUNTOS combines literacy education, leadership development and community organizing to help immigrants develop the necessary tools to advance economically, integrate into the social fabric of the city, and become active participants in civic life. The bulk of their work involves formal and informal leadership development, community organizing, service linkages, and focused collaborations with other community-based organizations. They remain the only organization in South Philadelphia who welcome and encourage the immigrant community’s input and include the constituency in decision-making.

Eastern North Philadelphia Coalition

Eastern North Philadelphia Coalition (ENPC) works to organize the residents of Northern Liberties, Olde Kensington, and Kensington South through an alliance of more than 20 community and faith-based organizations to combat the gentrification that threatens to displace long-term, low-income residents. ENPC has successfully blocked larger luxury condominiums in Olde Kensington and is nearing a win of a Community Benefits Agreement with the developer. ENPC is further working to develop a community-managed land trust that would transfer publicly-held land to the trust for use in creating more affordable housing.

New Sanctuary Movement

New Sanctuary Movement-logo

The New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia is an interfaith immigrant rights coalition. Members are called by religious values to build alliances across faith, ethnicity, and class, in order to empower affected communities. NSM emphasize the telling of stories to give voice to injustices faced by immigrants, documented and undocumented alike.

Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coaliation's (PICC)

Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coaliation's (PICC)-logo

The Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition is a diverse group that brings together professionals, advocates and immigrant groups of different backgrounds to share information and resources, identify common problems, and advocate for solutions.

South East Asian Mutual Assistant Associations Coalition (SEAMAAC)

South East Asian Mutual Assistant Associations Coalition (SEAMAAC)-logo

SEAMAAC affirms that immigrants and refugees are the foundation of our nation’s prosperity and freedom. Our staff and board work to create an equitable society where the contributions of immigrants, refugees and native born are equally valued and appreciated. We believe that the wisdom, resources and skills of immigrants and refugees strengthen the communities where they settle and reside and add depth and richness to the cultural tapestry of our nation.

Women's Community Revitalization Project

Women's Community Revitalization Project-logo

The Women's Community Revitalization Project (WCRP) is committed to social and economic justice for low-income women and their families. We develop housing and neighborhood facilities; provide supportive services; advocate for policy change; and honor leadership, dignity, and equity in our communities.

Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project

Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project-logo

The number of teenagers under the age of 18 who are held in adult jails and prisons in Pennsylvania has increased drastically over the last fifteen years. The Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project (YASP) is building a youth-led movement to stop this trend by ending the practice of automatically trying and incarcerating young people as adults. Through its work in the Philadelphia jails, YASP provides space for incarcerated young people to express themselves creatively and to develop as leaders both within and beyond the prison walls. Young people who have been through the adult court system are at the forefront of YASP, leading the movement to keep teenagers out of adult prisons and to create new possibilities for youth around the city.

Decarcerate PA

Decarcerate PA-logo

Decarcerate PA is a coalition of organizations and individuals seeking an end to mass incarceration and the harms it brings our communities. Decarcerate PA seeks mechanisms to build whole, healthy communities and believes that imprisonment exacerbates the problems we face. We therefore demand an immediate and lasting moratorium on all new prisons: no new prisons, no new county or city jails, no prison expansions, no new beds in county jails, no immigrant detention facilities, no private prisons.

May Day USA Education Committee Philadelphia

May Day USA aims to educate our fellow workers & all Americans about May Day's origins, so that together we may reclaim our proud heritage.